tour services

dynamic tour budget planning

At deco we can offer different levels of tour merchandising, from a one-drop supply only to a full tour sales service. Whether you need multiple merch drops, local printing worldwide, sellers on the road with you, EPOS services, we’re sure we can find a solution that suits your needs.

dynamic reporting

Our managed tour service lets you monitor your merch stock as the tour progresses. With dynamic reporting, we can forecast merch sales based on live tour data and manage your stock accordingly. Product pricing can be adjusted live based on current demand.

before the tour

We start at the very beginning to make sure your tour goes off without a hitch. From planning your product range, estimating sales revenue for the tour and organising localised manufacture to reduce your carbon footprint and import taxes.

Product Range
Full design, specification and pricing service for your merch offering
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product range

Our in-house design team can prepare your merchandise offering ready for you to sign-off. Send us your artwork or have us create it for you. We assess your audience demographic and specify your offering to suit, then provide estimated sales quantities based on venue capacities, ticket sales and sales per head averages. This allows us to prepare accurate pricing for manufacture, ensuring you get the lowest costs for the right quantity of merch.

Split Merch Drops
Choose from a single pre-tour delivery or ongoing merch drops
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split merch drops

Many artists choose to travel light on tour. Not taking a tour bus? No room for boxes and boxes of merch? Worried about international border customs? We can ship your merch in multiple drops so that it is waiting at the venue for you when you arrive. We can handle the shipping logistics and import/export taxes for you.

Manufacturing Service
In-house UK production and worldwide trusted partners
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manufacturing service

We have in-house UK based manufacturing for screen-printed garments, embroidery and dye-sublimation products. We also have a worldwide network of trusted partners to manufacture anywhere in the world to reduce the impact of shipping and import/export taxes.

Manufactured & Supplied Sales
Combine existing stock with new products
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manufactured & supplied sales

Combine your existing products (vinyl, CDs, legacy merch etc.) with new products supplied by us. We can add them to the EPOS system and account for them in our sales reporting. Just let us know what you have and we can integrate them into our system.

during the tour

Once your tour begins, we handle the day-to-day admin of your merch stand.

Sales Staff
Reliable sales people on your merch stand
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sales staff

We can provide reliable sales staff to come on the road with you, or source local sellers for each venue on your tour. We pay their wages and any additional costs required during the tour. The tour staff will handle the merch sales, manage concessions, perform stock takes and organise cash banking transfers and cash floats.

Sales Reporting
Online dashboard updated after each show
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sales reporting

Sales staff monitor stock and cash after every show, and data from our EPOS card readers is combined into our reporting system. Choose from daily PDF sales reports in your inbox or use our secure tour dashboard to track your revenue.

Card & Cash Payments
Take advantage of our international EPOS services

card & cash payments

We can provide card readers and worldwide banking. We just need to know the items you’re selling on tour and the sale price of each item, and we can set it all up for you in advance. Items and pricing can be adjusted during the tour if necessary. Our sellers can accept cash in any local currency.

Stock Management
Maximise your potential profit
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stock management

Live stock forecasting predicts when stock levels will run low, allowing us to organise top-up merch drops. Properly managed, you will end the tour with low stock levels across your offering.

after the tour

At the end of the tour, we carry on working to make sure you get paid quickly and clear your merch stock.

Prompt Accounting
Quick and comprehensive final reporting
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prompt accounting

At the end of the tour, you will receive a comprehensive revenue of sales report detailing all sales, costs, remaining stock, card processing fees and currency exchange rates used to calculate the tour profit. Your money is transferred to your account as soon as all concessions are received and stock is accounted for.

Online Store
Sell through the last of your tour stock online
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online store

For any end-of-tour stock that comes back to us, we can build a custom e-commerce store to sell through the remaining merch. We can use your existing mailing list to alert fans to your online store. Orders are shipped worldwide and additional merch can be produced for out of stock items. Learn more about web stores here…

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